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Peninsula by bike :)

We encourage you to use the services of our Ottobike rental.

We provide bicycle service for both individuals and organized groups. Bike paths on the Hel Peninsula will provide you with, among others unforgettable views of the bay, fishing ports and military objects from World War II.

We have points in Hel and Jastarnia as well as Wladyslawowo. Thanks to this, it is possible to rent a bicycle, e.g. in Wladyslawowo, and if you run out of strength, return it in Jastarnia or Hel.

If you come to Hel via shipping, please visit our rental at Wiejska 133. During the time before your ship’s departure, you can really see a lot and ride a bike for a few kilometres along the Hel Peninsula. We recommend that you go around the promontory, look into the lighthouse, visit the Museum of Coastal Defence and continue your ride on the bicycle path to Wladyslawowo.

We invite you to bike rentals. We have bicycles and accessories.We offer the possibility of renting equipment – in person at one of our points or with delivery to the indicated accommodation (delivery possible in the area of the peninsula and the city of Władysławowo). You will find our points in three of the most popular cities: Władysławowo, Jastarnia and Hel.

We invite you from the beginning of May to the end of September.
We have everything necessary to explore the Hel Peninsula which is sometimes called the longest pier in Europe.And not without a reason as it is 34 kilometres long.We provide bicycle service for both individuals and organized groups.

Ottobike guarantees:

QUALITY-we rent functional, practical and reliable equipment,
CONVENIENCEwe deliver bikes to the customer,
SAFETYwe provide technical support along the route of the peninsula.

wypozyczalnia rowerow wladyslawowo Ottobike - o nas

Rentals are open 7 days a week in the following hours:
-June from 9.00 to 18.00
-July and August from 9.00 to 20.00

Delivery of bikes to the customer takes place from 7.00. It is possible to rent bikes at other times after phone arrangement.

Our rentals



Niepodległości Street 7


Rynkowa Street 3


Wiejska Street 133


Delivery of bicycles after phone arrangement or online order in Hel Peninsula and the city of Wladyslawowo.

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Bike rental in Ottobike it's easy. Fill in our form and collect a bike in one of our Rentals in Wladyslawowo, Jastarnia or Hel. We delivery bikes after phone arrangement or online order in Hel Peninsula and the city of Wladyslawowo.


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