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Rent a Bike

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    3-speed bike (28″) and men’s bike (28″):
    PLN15/hour, PLN 50/day

    Child’s bike (24″ or 20″):
    PLN15/hour, PLN 50/day

    Accessories (only together with a bike):
    Baby seatPLN15/day
    Bicycle trailer PLN15/hour, PLN 50/day
    Helmet and basket for free.
    Delivery PLN15. (Delivery possible on the Hel Peninsula and in the city of Władysławowo.)


    over 3 days – 10%
    over 6 days – 20%

    The person renting the bicycle and accessories is obliged to present the identity document for inspection and sign the lease agreement together with the regulations attached to it.


    I General conditions

    1. Bicycle rental Ottobike based in Pabianice, ul. Wspólna 18, hereinafter referred to as the Lessor, provides the Lessee with efficient, fault-free and clean bicycle equipment.
    2. The rental fee is charged in advance according to the price list.
    3. The Lessee may use bicycle equipment in accordance with its intended purpose, while respecting the applicable regulations, in particular traffic regulations. Bicycles can be used only on paved roads, trails and bicycle paths.Riding on the beach is forbidden!!!

    II The Lessee’s responsibility

    1. The Lessee is liable for damage to bicycle equipment caused by him and third parties, arising from the moment when the contract is signed and the equipment is delivered, until the return and is obliged to cover the damage.
    2. The Lessee is responsible for theft of the object of lease by third parties.
    3. In the event of the Lessee losing the subject of the lease, the Lessee is obliged to pay the Lessor gross amount:
    fee for a lost bike – PLN 1200, electric bike – PLN 6000, fee for a lost helmet – PLN 100, a child’s seat – PLN 200, a trailer – PLN 800, a basket or a lock– PLN 20.
    4. The Lessee, using the subject of the lease, does so only on his own responsibility and is obliged to follow the rules of road traffic.
    5. The Lessee waives all claims from the Lessor for accidents, collisions and damages suffered by the Lessee or injuries sustained during the use of the leased object.
    6. The Lessor bears the cost of repairing the damage to the leased object resulting from its normal operation.
    7. It is forbidden for the Lessee to repair bicycle equipment without the will and knowledge of the Lessor. The Lessor does not cover the costs of such repairs.

    III Return of bicycle equipment

    1. The Lessee is obliged to return the object of the rental at the date and place indicated in the rental agreement.
    2. Extending the lease period requires prior consent of the Lessor.
    3. If the subject of the rental agreement is not returned within the deadline, the Lessee is obliged to pay the Lessor rental fees and an additional fee of PLN 40 for each subsequent commenced day of the lease.

    Our rentals



    Niepodległości Street 7


    Rynkowa Street 3


    Wiejska Street 133


    Delivery of bicycles after phone arrangement or online order in Hel Peninsula and the city of Wladyslawowo.