bike trips



The Puck-Swarzewo-Władysławowo-Chałupy-Kuźnica-Jastarnia-Jurata-Hel route is about 45 km long. The biggest advantage of this route is that while riding a bike you constantly feel this unique breeze from the Bay of Puck. Sometimes it blows hard, sometimes weaker, but no other path will provide you with such lung ventilation. Numerous attractions, unforgettable views, information stances with small marinas invite lovers of the Polish sea to active recreation.



Puck is a very attractive city, among others in terms of tourism.It offers many places worth seeing: the main parish church – the oldest and the most important historical building of the city, the pier, the old market, the yacht and fishing port, and the beautiful park named after Feliks Nowowiejski.



Władysławowo is famous for: the Avenue of Sport Stars, the Butterfly Museum, the "Spiders of the World" exhibition, the PHARE nature park, the Rudnik gorge, the observation tower with the fisherman's house and a clean, safe and wide beach.



The city of Jastarnia invites to visit the military history route (mine barrier, open-air museum of fortifications, anti-aircraft battery and others), the lowest lighthouse on the peninsula, the monument to Wojciech Kossak and the historic fishing village complex.



Hel will provide you with unforgettable memories of: the Seal Center, the Corpus Christi Church, the lighthouse, the complex of fortifications and the Museum of Fisheries.